My Contribution to Slow Fashion October

Ever since I met Karen Templer at a fiber show years ago, I’ve been in awe at how passionate she is about slow fashion. If you’re unaware, every October she does Slow Fashion October in an attempt to help us question our fast fashion consumption. She encourages us to think more intentionally about what clothes we keep in our wardrobe (and what we do with them when we've decided they're not right for us anymore). A great way to begin to fix the huge problem of fast fashion is at a small scale - and our own closets are a great place to start.

I’ve been thinking about how to participate in Slow Fashion October this year, beyond following the weekly prompts, and it dawned on me that I already have the answer! The reason I started Unraveling Club was to provide an educational resource for folks who want to learn how to take their unwanted knitwear and unravel it for yarn. I also want to encourage folks to create pieces for their own wardrobe using recycled yarn that they’ve made themselves. I realize that "Slotober" isn’t just about making your own wardrobe, but to a lot of us out there it’s a fun way to take ownership of our fashion choices.

Making my own clothes empowers me to take better care of them and consider more deeply how clothing makes me feel. Using recycled yarn makes me even prouder to sport something handmade because I know my style hasn't harmed the planet in any way. And these days, that's a really rare thing to be able to say about your clothes.

So for the entire month of October, I want to offer Unraveling Club for $10, for everyone, no promo code needed (50% off the normal price).

I hope this can help inspire some people who have been curious to learn how to unravel knitwear but just didn’t have a good enough reason. As the month progresses, I plan on posting some more throughout the month about what slow fashion means to me (and how unraveling knitwear can help the problem!) I hope you'll join me!